Table 2

Univariate analysis related to distant metastasis-free survival in 300 early stage patients with breast cancer

Patients, (n)Recurrence7-year DFS %*HR for Recurrence95% CI *HRp Value
Age (≤35/>35 years)9/2910/37100/840.000.03 to 4.140.4123
Pre/post Menopausal139/16124/1378/910.460.23 to 0.880.0194
Histological type
Tumour size
 T119017900.540.26 to 1.020.0577
Nodal status
 N019215900.410.19 to 0.750.0054
Oestrogen receptor
 Positive25030861.200.50 to 2.930.6561
Progesterone receptor
 Positive23528851.170.53 to 2.590.6785
HER2 status
 Positive7215760.560.23 to 1.060.0711
Triple negativity
 Yes303850.670.25 to 1.950.5056
 ≤2010218901.010.52 to 1.970.9587
 > 201981982 
 Low (≤1.97)1349890.450.25 to 0.940.0337
 High (> 1.97)1662881 
  • p Values highlighted in bold are statistically significant.

  • *Median follow-up time.

  • NLR, neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio.