Table 4

Univariate analysis related to distant metastases-free survival in propensity score-matched 226 early stage breast cancers

Patients, (n)Recurrence7-year DFS %*HR for Recurrence95% CI HRp Value
Age (≤35/>35 years)9/2170/28100/840.00000.03 to 3.850.3961
Pre/post menopausal121/10521/777/920.320.16 to 0.730.0058
Histological type0.5773
Tumour size0.480.21 to 1.000.0512
Nodal status0.320.13 to 0.640.0023
Oestrogen receptor1.440.54 to 4.170.4240
Progesterone receptor1.400.59 to 3.540.4121
HER2 status0.610.24 to 1.370.2151
Triple negativity1.010.30 to 3.410.9750
Ki-671.010.47 to 2.140.9798
NLR0.400.20 to 0.890.0235
 Low (≤1.97)113888
 High (> 1.97)1132081
  • p Values highlighted in bold are statistically significant.

  • *Median follow-up time.

  • NLR, neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio.