TableĀ 5

Cox proportional hazards model related to distant metastasis-free survival in propensity score-matched early stage patients with breast cancer (number 226)

Cox proportional hazards model
Prognostic factorCoefficientSE coefficientHazard rateHazard rate 95% CIp Value
Premenopausal1.08160.43872.941.25 to 6.930.0136
Tumour size (T2)0.26190.40131.290.59 to 2.840.5141
Nodal status (N1)1.02170.40542.771.25 to 6.120.0117
NLR (>1.97)0.92740.41972.521.11 to 5.730.0271
  • NLR, neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio.