Table 1

Overview of ESMO career development opportunities for young oncologists (for updated information, please refer to

ESMO activityRequiredLanguageOptimal age and experienceHeld inRoom and board includedTravel grant availableLength
ESMO membership*Proof of statusEnglishAnyoneNANANA1 year
ESMO Translational Research, Clinical Research, Palliative Care, European integration and Georges Mathe translational research fellowships Application form, photograph, description of research project proposal+ timeline, motivation letter, including project goals, acceptance letter from mentor at host facility and recommendation letter from the applicant's department head EnglishYoung oncologists under the age of 40Various timesNoNoVaries
ESMO ESO Masterclass CV, letter of motivation for attending and letter of recommendation and a presentation case English30-40 and 2-3 years of oncologyMarchYesNo5 days
ESMO Academy+ ‡Application formEnglishAnyoneAugustYesYes3 days
ESMO ExaminationApplication form English (currently) and other languages currently in consideration Oncologists nearing end of trainingSeptember/October during ESMO CongressNANA2.5 hours
The ESMO ESO course on medical oncology for medical students CV, letter of motivation for attending and letter of recommendation EnglishFourth-year and fifth-year medical studentsJulyYesYes5 days
The ESMO PreceptorshipsOnline application, CV and PPT presentationEnglishExperience in medical oncologyVarious timesYesYes2-3 days
  • All activities except the ESMO membership, Masterclasses and Examination are exclusive for ESMO members.

  • *Junior member price.

  • †Reduced price only if registered to take the ESMO Examination that year.

  • ‡Early registration price.

  • CV, curriculum vitae; ESMO, European Society for Medical Oncology; ESO, European School of Oncology; NA, not available; PPT, PowerPoint Presentation.