Table 1

Patients characteristics

Entire population (n=2419)
n% total% group
Primary tumour type
Lung cancer104843.3
 Not other specified1<0.10.1
Breast cancer37915.7
 HER2 positive1435.946.9
 ER positive1556.440.8
 Luminal A (ER positive, HER2 negative)843.527.5
 Luminal B (ER positive, HER2 positive)572.415.0
 Triple negative783.225.6
 Not other specified743.119.5
Renal cell carcinoma2219.1
Colorectal cancer2249.3
Cancer of unknown primary341.4
 Oesophageal cancer50.24.3
 Stomach cancer90.47.8
 Ovary cancer351.430.2
 Head and neck cancer50.24.3
 Testis cancer30.12.6
 Bladder cancer60.25.2
 Parotid gland cancer1<0.10.9
 Cervical cancer120.510.3
 Vaginal cancer40.23.4
 Tongue cancer1<0.10.9
 Thyroid cancer1<0.10.9
 Endometrial cancer130.511.2
 Pancreatic cancer1<0.10.9
 Chorion cancer1<0.10.9
  • ER, estrogen receptor; HER, human epidermal growth factor receptor; NSCLC, non small cell lung cancer; SCLC, small cell lung cancer.