• To be able to handle the first diagnosis of a patient with gastrointestinal stromal tumour (GIST) and to proactively refer patients with GIST to sarcoma reference centres for specialised multidisciplinary treatment

  • To be able to collaborate with a sarcoma reference centre in medical management of patients with GIST, if needed, through active clinical networking

  • Awareness that GIST are rare cancers, worth being referred to centres specialised in their treatment

  • Recognition that GIST can be first diagnosed on an emergency basis

  • Recognition that GIST should be considered during the differential diagnosis of abdominal masses and may be diagnosed as incidental endoscopic findings

  • Appreciation that proper treatment should be selected on a multidisciplinary basis

  • Appreciation that molecular targeted agents are especially effective and used in the adjuvant and in the advanced disease settings, with specific issues pertaining to side effects and tumour response assessment

  • Knowledge of the main concepts regarding the following aspects of GIST:

    • Essentials of natural history of disease, including the existence of so-called wild-type GIST, in addition to the typical cKIT/platelet-derived growth factor receptor A (PDGFRA)-mutated GIST

    • Importance of genotyping and existence of prognostic classifications

    • Objectives of surgery for localised disease

    • Potential of adjuvant molecular targeted therapy

    • Gross biological rationale of molecular targeted therapies

    • Principles of systemic treatment with molecular targeted agents approved for use in GIST

    • Patterns of non-dimensional tumour response to molecular targeted agents

  • Ability to advise surgeons and gastroenterologists facing a clinical/pathological diagnosis of GIST or suspected GIST

  • Ability to refer patients with GIST to centres of reference by collecting and conveying essential, meaningful clinical information

  • Ability to actively discuss patient cases with reference centres in regard to strategic clinical decisions and medical treatment conduct, as needed