Table 2

Percentage of cases from studies deposited in where HER2 alterations are found as well as data from US registries showing the number of deaths in the US per year from each associated cancer type

Cancer typeHER2 alterations (% cases)Estimated annual deaths (US)Estimated HER2 mutant deaths (US)
Colorectal (DFCI)5.8ND50 3102918
Lung SCC3.4ND72 8282476
Lung adenocarcinoma2.62.672 8281894
Bladder (MSKCC)111.815 5801714
Bladder (BGI)10.1ND15 5801574
Colorectal (TCGA)2.82.450 3101409
Breast (METABRIC)2.815.140 4301132
Stomach9.1ND10 9901000
Bladder (TCGA)6.33.115 580982
Glioblastoma7.7ND12 000924
Lung small cell3.4ND24 276825
Breast (TCGA)1.812.540 430728
Cutaneous SCC (metastatic)17.2ND3270562
Oesophagus3.31215 450510
Stomach (TCGA)4.2–4.612.5–13.710 990462–506
Head and neck SCC3.1ND8390260
Cervical SCC5.23.13417178
Uterine carcinosarcoma9.1ND1407128
Low grade glioma3.3ND250083
Prostate neuroendocrine19.61.9RareRare
Bladder (plasmacytoid)15.23RareRare
  • The number of HER2 mutant deaths is estimated as the total estimated deaths for each cancer, multiplied by the fractional prevalence of HER2 mutations.

  • DFCI, Dana Farber Cancer Institute; METABRIC, Molecular Taxonomy of Breast CancerInternational Consortium; MSKCC, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; ND, no data available; SCC, squamous cell carcinoma; TCGA, The Cancer Genome Atlas.