Table 1

The list of the cancer sites is presented in alphabetical order, as classified according to topic and title of each of the identified cancer CPGs (based on the cancer anatomy classification)

No.Cancer sites (CPG topic)ESMONICE and SIGNAll
1Breast cancer4 (n=271)4 (n=966)8 (n=1237)
2Cancers of unknown primary site1 (n=25)2 (n=217)3 (n=242)
3CNS malignancies1 (n=68)N/A (n=0)1 (n=68)
4Endocrine and neuroendocrine cancers4 (n=113)N/A (n=0)4 (n=113)
5Gastrointestinal cancers11 (n=522)5 (n=788)14 (n=1310)
6Genitourinary cancers6 (n=385)4 (n=1334)10 (n=1719)
7Gynaecological cancers5 (n=185)3 (n=486)8 (n=671)
8Haematological malignancies14 (n=734)N/A (n=0)14 (n=734)
9Head and neck cancers2 (n=24)1 (n=464)3 (n=488)
10Lung cancer10 (n=593)2 (n=561)12 (n=1154)
11Sarcoma3 (n=184)N/A (n=0)3 (n=184)
12Skin cancer1 (n=37)3 (n=450)4 (n=487)
13Sequelae or other cancers13 (n=572)2 (n=507)15 (n=1079)
Total13 oncology areas75 (n=3713)26 (n=5773)101 (n=9486)
  • The table shows the allocation of the 101 ESMO, NICE and NICE CPGs for each cancer site and with the total number of references provided in brackets.

  • CNS, central nervous system; CPGs, clinical practice guidelines; ESMO, European Society for Medical Oncology; N/A, none available; NICE, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence; SIGN, Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network.