Table 2

Univariate Cox regression analysis for overall survival (OS) from the first dose of intrathecal interleukin-2 by baseline characteristics

VariableTotal NTotal deathsMedian OSHR95% CIP value
 Per year43357.81.0010.97 to 1.030.92
  Female1199.60.930.43 to 1.990.85
 Elevated15115.21.030.51 to 2.120.93
BRAF mutation
  Yes211710.61.420.66 to 3.040.37
Neuro symptoms †
  Yes21192.82.141.09 to 4.190.03
Extracranial disease
 None/LMD only12920.1
 Systemic controlled201610.61.680.73 to 3.850.22
 Systemic uncontrolled11104.32.571.03 to 6.450.04
Concomitant medications
 Targeted774.73.021.18 to 7.740.02
 Other998.31.880.82 to 4.340.14
CSF cytology
 Positive30285.14.091.72 to 9.740.001
  • *Not available.

  • †At initiation of therapy.

  • CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; LDH, lactate dehydrogenase; LMD, leptomeningeal disease.