Table 3

Summary of clinical characteristics of patients with a clinical benefit

Tumour responsePrimary tumour siteDisease status at start of treatmentDose TrasGEX (mg)Duration of response (weeks)*HER2 expressionFcγRIIIaPrior treatment with trastuzumab
CRParotidParapharyngeal LN metastasis720139, ongoing3+AmplificationFFNo
PRSigma/rectumLiver, adrenal cortex, retroperitoneal and lung metastases480813+AmplificationFVNo
PRBreastChest wall and mediastinal metastases240163+NAFFYes
SDBreastLung and bone metastases12263+AmplificationFFYes
SDBreastLiver and bone metastases60181+NegativeFFNo
SDBreastLung and bone metastases60242+NegativeFFNo
SDBladderPreportal, paraortic and iliac LN metastases240121+NegativeFVNo
SDBreastLung metastases48073+NAFVYes
SDBreastLiver and bone metastases720173+AmplificationFVYes
SDBreastLiver and bone metastases720253+NAVVYes
SDLungLung tumour and paratracheal LN metastasis720182+NegativeFFNo
SDOvaryMultiple mediastinal, abdominal and pelvic LN metastases and multiple peritoneal nodules720171+NegativeVVNo
SDStomachMultiple liver metastases720142+AmplificationFVNo
SDStomachIleocecal mass, bladder, rectal and pelvic peritoneal metastases720141+NAVVNo
SDLungPrimary tumour and multiple lung metastases720163+NAFFNo
  • *Duration of CR and PR is defined as the time at which criteria for CR or PR are first met until the first date that progressive disease is objectively documented. Duration of SD is defined as the time from the start of treatment until the criteria for progression are met.

  • CR, complete remission; FISH, fluorescence in situ hybridisation; IHC, immunohistochemistry; LN, lymph node; NA, tumour sample not available; PR, partial remission; SD, stable disease.