Table 1

Criteria for ESMO Designated Centre and indicators of integration*

Criteria for accreditation as ESMO Designated Centre in integrated oncology and palliative careIndicators of integration
1. The Centre is a cancer Centre which provides closely integrated oncology and palliative care clinical services1. Presence of palliative care inpatient consultation team
2. The Centre is committed to a philosophy of continuity of care and non-abandonment2. Presence of palliative care outpatient clinic
3. The Centre incorporates expert medical and nursing care in the evaluation and relief of pain and other physical symptoms3. Presence of interdisciplinary palliative care team
4. The Centre incorporates expert care in the evaluation and relief of psychological and existential distress.4. Routine symptoms screening
5. The Centre provides routine patient assessment of physical and psychological symptoms and social supports and has an infrastructure that responds with appropriate interventions in a timely manner5. Early referral to palliative care (>6 months)
6. The Centre provides emergency care of inadequately relieved physical and psychological symptoms6. Proportion of routine documentation of advance care plan, median (IQR)
7. The Centre provides facilities and expert care for inpatient symptom stabilisation7. Proportion of outpatients with pain assessed before death, median (IQR)
8. The Centre incorporates programmatic support of family members8. Proportion of patients with two or more emergency room visits in last 30 days of life, median (IQR)
9. The Centre provides high level home care with expert back-up and coordination of home care with primary cancer clinicians9. Proportion of place of death consistent with patient’s preference, median (IQR)
10. The Centre provides respite care for ambulatory patients for patients unable to cope at home or in cases of family fatigue10. Didactic palliative care curriculum
11. The Centre provides facilities and expert care for inpatient end-of-life (terminal) care and is committed to providing adequate relief of suffering for dying patients11. Continuing education in palliative care
12. The Centre participates in basic or clinical research related to palliative care and the quality of life of patients with cancer and their families12. Combined palliative care and oncology educational activities
13. The Centre is involved in clinician education to improve the integration of oncology and palliative care13. Routine rotation in palliative care for oncology fellows
  • ESMO, European Society for Medical Oncology.

  • *The criteria for ESMO Designated Centre and indicators of integration were developed independently. Although they both have 13 items, the item numbers do not correspond to each other.