Table 4

Median peripheral blood immune cell counts and indexes at baseline according to the baseline use of steroids

No baseline steroidsBaseline steroidsP value*
WBC†7.206.05–9.0911.289.40–13.24 < 0.001
ANC†5.003.95–6.458.807.13–10.53 < 0.001
AMC†0.500.40–0.600.600.43–080 0.01
AEC†0.200.10–0.300.100.00–0.18 0.01
REC‡2.301.40–3.821.000.00–1.45 < 0.001
NLR3.402.50–5.406.904.20–9.20 < 0.001
dNLR2.101.70–3.003.403.00–4.70 < 0.001
  • P values below the significance threshold are reported in bold.

  • *Wilcoxon test

  • †×103.

  • ‡%.

  • ABC, absolute basophil count; AEC, absolute eosinophil count; ALC, absolute lymphocyte count; AMC, absolute monocyte count; ANC, absolute neutrophil count; dNLR, derived neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio.NLR, neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio; REC, relative eosinophil count; WBC, white blood count;