Table 1

Imaging results for each patient in the study

Patient number/sex/age, yearsDiagnosisChanges in overall alkaline phosphatase levels/bone alkaline phosphatase levels, baseline→follow-up (IU/L)Lesions (n), baseline→follow-up/location of lesions (new location(s)Number of
223RaCl2cycles/cumulative activity
Bone scintigraphyNa18F PET/CT (NAFCIST) 18F-FDG PET/CT (PERCIST)
1/M/71Metastatic fibroblastic osteosarcoma102→120/9.8→103→3↑/bone (T, P, E)8→11 (42.4→66.5)/bone (+V)(soft tissue [P])9→12 (30.4→32.4)/bone, soft tissue3/12.66 MBq
2/M/15Metastatic osteoblastic osteosarcoma78→80/19→214→4↑/bone (V, T, P)1→2 (3.6→9.2)/bone3/13.71 MBq
3/M/20Metastatic chondroblastic osteosarcoma101→281/26→933→9↑/bone (V, T)9→14 (115.1→211.6)/bone (+C, P, E) (soft tissue [V])6→>10↑ (24.0→46.6)/bone, soft tissue (lung)2/7.24 MBq
4/M/29Metastatic osteoblastic osteosarcoma339→130/86→289→9↑/bone (C, P), soft tissue (T), lung12→14 (236.9→117.2)/bone, soft tissue, lung, brain10→10↑ (51.4→31.9)/bone, soft tissue, lung3/13.44 MBq
5/M/18Recurrent osteosarcoma188 →258/46→693→5↑/bone (V, P)4→6 (235.4→135.5)/bone, soft tissue, lung6→8 (28.1→29.3)/bone, soft tissue, lung2/11.27 MBq
6/F/46Giant cell tumour93→108/8.1→9.3>30→>30 NC/bone (C, V, T, P, E), soft tissue, lung>50 (152.3)*/bone, soft tissue, lung, liver>40→>60 (56.5→80.7)/bone, soft tissue, lung, liver3/19.00 MBq
7/M/15Metastatic osteosarcoma185→282/70→1105→8↑/bone (V, T, P, E) (soft tissue)5→7 (11.5→14.7)/bone, soft tissue2/10.64 MBq
8/M/18Metastatic osteoblastic osteosarcoma84→80/24→161→4↑/bone (V, T)6→7 (62.0→71.2)/bone (+C)2→5 (9.3→20.2)/bone (soft tissue)2/13.84 MBq
9/M/16Metastatic osteoblastic osteosarcoma233→992/75→3065→10↑/lung>10→>50 (118.4→199.3)/lung (brain)2/15.30 MBq
10/M/24Metastatic osteoblastic osteosarcoma148/501→3↑/bone (C, V, P)5→16 (36.1→36.9)/bone, soft tissue, lung1/6.84 MBq
11/M/15Metastatic osteoblastic osteosarcoma256/922→2↑/bone (P, E), soft tissue2→2↑ (76.3→112.3)/bone, soft tissue1/7.14 MBq
12/M/58Metastatic osteoblastic osteosarcoma115→98/22→192→2NC→ 2↑†/bone (T), lung3→5↓→6↓† (381→302→429)/bone, soft tissue, lung3 (21.8)*/bone, soft tissue, lung6/57.81 MBq
13/M/22Metastatic high-grade osteosarcoma1147→2098/348→5996→6↑/lung, soft tissue (T)17→24 (120.4→125.6)/soft tissue, lung (bone [+T])2/9.36 MBq
14/M/63Metastatic fibroblastic osteosarcoma185→75/43→8.73→3↓→3↓†/bone (V, P), soft tissue5→5→5† (247→99→81.5)/bone, soft tissue6/50.33 MBq
15/F/17Metastatic chondroblastic osteosarcoma192→149/66→531→4↑/bone (V, P)1→6 (15.3→39.7)/bone (soft tissue)3/25.21 MBq
16/M/26Metastatic chondroblastic osteosarcoma149→53/34→102→2 NC/bone (E), soft tissue3→2 (98.9→49.9)/bone, soft tissue3/16.93 MBq
17/M/15Metastatic osteoblastic osteosarcoma6971→770/>2000>10→>70↑/bone (C, V, T, P, E) (lung)>10→>150 (152.8→302.9)/bone (soft tissue, lung)2/13.23 MBq
18/F/43Metastatic fibroblastic osteosarcoma116→80/32→185→5 NC/soft tissue (bone [C, T])8→8↑ (259.7→215.9)/soft tissue (bone [+V])6 (28.5)**/bone, soft tissue3/24.74 MBq
  • *Study performed at baseline only.

  • †Studies were performed three times: baseline, after 3 cycles, and after 6 cycles.

  • ↓, visual decrease (response); ↑, visual increase (progression); C, cranium; E, extremity; F, female; 18F-FDG, fluorine-18-fluorodeoxyglucose; M, male; NAFCIST, Na18F PET response Criteria in Solid Tumors; Na18F, sodium fluoride-18; P, pelvic; PERCIST, PET Response Criteria in Solid Tumors; PET, positron emission tomography; T, thoracic; V, vetebrae.