Table 1

First-generation adjuvant chemotherapy

Tested agentTrial nameSettingPrimary outcomeMedian follow-up (years)DFS control (%)DFS gain (%)DFS HR*OS controlOS gain (%)OS HR*pCRESMO-MCBS V.1.1Reference
Polychemotherapy vs none (meta-analysis)EBCTCGAnthracycline vs nil 82% Node+OS1547.48.00.73 (0.68–0.79)Breast cancer mortality 35.8%6.50.79 (0.72–0.85)A13
Polychemotherapy vs none (meta-analysis)EBCTCGCMF vs nil 34% Node+OS1539.810.20.70 (0.63–0.77)Breast cancer mortality 27.6%6.20.76 (0.68–0.84)A13
CMF×6 vs CAF×6INT 0102High-risk Node−DFS1075.02.01.05 (0.94–1.27)82.0%3.01.19 (0.99–1.43)NEB14
CMF×6 vs CEF×6MA5Node+RFS1045.07.01.31 (1.06–1.61)58.0%4.01.18 (0.94–1.49)NEB15
CMF vs AC ×4 (meta-analysis)EBCTCG61% Node+OS1042.11.10.99 (0.90–1.08)Breast cancer mortality 32.5%0.90.98 (0.89–1.08)NEB13
CMF vs 4 AC×4 (meta-analysis)EBCTCG61% Node+OS10Overall mortality 34.6%1.20.97 (0.89–1.07)NEB13
CMF vs CAF/FEC (meta-analysis)EBCTCG53% Node+OS1033.82.60.89 (0.82–0.96)Breast cancer mortality 24.1%4.10.80 (0.72–0.88)B13
CMF vs CAF/FEC (meta-analysis)EBCTCG53% Node+OS1033.82.60.89 (0.82–0.96)Overall mortality 27.1%3.90.84 (0.76–0.92)B13
  • Chart blanks—relevant variables not available in manuscript.

  • *HR values in parentheses refer to 95% CI.

  • A, doxorubicin; C, cyclophosphamide; DFS, disease-free survival; E, epirubicin; ESMO-MCBS, The European Society for Medical Oncology-Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale; F, fluorouracil; M, methotrexate; NEB, no evaluable benefit; Node+, node-positive; Node−, node-negative; OS, overall survival; RFS, relapse-free survival.