Table 6


StudyTrial nameSettingPrimary outcomeMedian follow-up (years)DFS control (%)DFS gain (%)DFS HR*OS controlOS gain (%)OS HR*ESMO-MCBS V.1.1Reference
Tamoxifen 5 years vs placeboNSABP B14Node− HR+RFS1565.013.00.58 (0.50–0.67)65.0%6.00.80 (0.71–0.91)A46
Tamoxifen 5 years vs placebo (meta-analysis)EBCTCGHR+DFS and OS1546.213.20.61 (0.57–0.65)Breast cancer mortality 33.1%9.20.70 (0.64–0.75)A47
  • *HR values in parentheses refer to 95% CI.

  • DFS, disease-free survival; ESMO-MCBS, The European Society for Medical Oncology-Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale; HR+, hormone receptor-positive; Node−, node negative; OS, overall survival; RFS, relapse-free survival.