Table 2

Adjuvant chemotherapy with the addition of taxane

StudyTrial nameSettingPrimary outcomeMedian follow-upDFS control (%)DFS gain (%)DFS HR*OS control (%)OS gain (%)OS HR*ESMO-MCBS V.1.1Reference
TAC vs FACGEICAM 9805High-risk Node−DFS77 months81.86.00.68 (0.49–0.93)93.5%1.70.76 (0.45–1.26)NEB16
FEC-P vs FECGEICAM 9906Node+DFS66 months72.16.40.74 (0.60–0.92)87.1%2.80.78 (0.57–1.06)NEB17
AC×4 vs AC-PNSABP-B28Node+DFS and OS64.6 months72.04.00.83 (0.72–0.95)85.0%00.93 (0.78–1.12)NEB18
AC-P vs CEF×6MA-21High-risk Node− and +RFS30 months85.0†5.11.49 (1.12–1.99)‡19
AC-P vs dose dense EC×6 >P×4 q21MA-21High-risk Node− and +RFS30 months85.0†4.51.68 (1.25–2.27)‡19
Paclitaxel q21 d vs q7 dayE1199High-risk LN−/LN+DFS12 years65.5‡5.20.84 (0.73–0.96)75.3%‡2.41.02 (0.88–1.18)NEB79 80
Paclitaxel q21 d vs docetaxel q21 dayE1199High-risk LN−/LN+DFS12 years65.5‡6.40.79 (0.68–0.90)75.3%‡3.20.86 (0.73–1.00)NEB79 80
TAC vs AC-TBCIRG 005Node+DFS65 months79.001.0 (0.86–1.16)88.0%1.00.91 (0.75–1.11)NEB81
TAC vs dd AC-PNSABP-B38Node+DFS64 months80.12.1NS89.6%−0.5NSNEB82
TAC vs dd AC-PGNSABP-B38Node+DFS64 months80.10.5NS89.6%0.8NSNEB82
TC vs ACUS Oncology 9735High-risk Node− and 1–3+nodesDFS7 years75.06.00.74 (0.56–0.98)84.0%6.00.69 (0.50–0.97)A20 21
TC×6 vs Tax ACABC Trials—joint analysisiDFS non-inferiority3.3 years88.2¶2.51.2 (0.97–1.49)NNI22
TC×6 vs Tax AC
Chemo±Taxane (meta-analysis)
EBCTCGChemo±Tax- (Node+100%)iDFS non-inferiority
8 years34.84.60.84 (0.78–0.91)Breast cancer mortality 23.9%2.80.86 (0.79–0.93)C13
Overall mortality 26.7%3.20.86 (0.79–0.93)B13
Chemo±Tax (meta-analysis)EBCTCGTax/chemo vs different non-Tax regimen (Node+82%)OS8 years22.02.90.86 (0.82–0.91)Breast cancer mortality 11.5%1.40.88 (0.81–0.95)C13
Overall mortality 12.4%1.20.90 (0.84–0.97)C13
  • Chart blanks—relevant variables not available in manuscript.

  • *HR values in parentheses refer to 95% CI.

  • †AC-T6 arm.

  • ‡Three weekly paclitaxel arm.

  • §No OS data published.

  • ¶TC×6 arm.

  • A, doxorubicin; C, cyclophosphamide; Chemo, chemotherapy; dd, dose dense; DFS, disease-free survival; ESMO-MCBS, The European Society for Medical Oncology-Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale; F, fluorouracil; G, gemcitabine; iDFS, invasive disease-free survival; NEB, no evaluable benefit; NNI, negative non-inferiority; Node+, node-positive; Node−, node-negative; OS, overall survival; P, paclitaxel; RFS, relapse-free survival; T, docetaxel; Tax, taxane.