Top Cited Articles

Below we have highlighted some of the top cited articles from the past two years to emphasise the important, cutting edge research and reviews published in the journal. We thank these authors for their work and hope they will join us in celebrating another year of growing publications and citations.

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Immune checkpoint inhibition-related colitis: symptoms, endoscopic features, histology and response to management
Marnix H. Geukes Foppen, Elisa A. Rozeman, Sandra van Wilpe, et al.

Recent advances in the biology and treatment of brain metastases of non-small cell lung cancer: summary of a multidisciplinary roundtable discussion
Matthias Preusser, Frank Winkler, Manuel Valiente, et al.

TPF induction chemotherapy increases PD-L1 expression in tumour cells and immune cells in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
Charlotte Leduc, Julien Adam, Emilie Louvet, et al.

Optimising the use of cetuximab in the continuum of care for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer
Richard M. Goldberg, Clara Montagut, Zev A. Wainberg, et al.

Sequential HER2 blockade as effective therapy in chemorefractory, HER2 gene-amplified, RAS wild-type, metastatic colorectal cancer: learning from a clinical case
Erika Martinelli, Teresa Troiani, Vincenzo Sforza, et al.

Gender and outcomes in non-small cell lung cancer: an old prognostic variable comes back for targeted therapy and immunotherapy?
Joseph A. Pinto, Carlos S. Vallejos, Luis E. Raez, et al.

Impact of clinical response to neoadjuvant endocrine therapy on patient outcomes: a follow-up study of JFMC34-0601 multicentre prospective neoadjuvant endocrine trial
Takayuki Ueno, Shigehira Saji, Norikazu Masunda, et al.

Controversies and consensus of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in soft-tissue sarcomas
Herbert H. Loong, Kwan-Hung Wong, Teresa Tse

Four distinct immune microenvironment subtypes in gastric adenocarcinoma with special reference to microsatellite instability
Junhun Cho, Young Hwan Chang, You Jeong Heo, et al.

BRCA mutation carrier detection. A model-based cost-effectiveness analysis comparing the traditional family history approach and the testing of all patients with breast cancer
Jan Norum, Eli Marie Grindedal, Cecilie Heramb, et al.


Mechanisms of action and rationale for the use of checkpoint inhibitors in cancer
Clemence Granier, Eleonore De Guillebon, Charlotte Blanc, et al.

Multiple primary tumours: challenges and approaches, a review
Alexia Vogt, Sabine Schmid, Karl Heinimann, et al.

Cardiotoxicity of immune checkpoint inhibitors
Gilda Varricchi, Maria Rosaria Galdiero, Giancarlo Marone, et al.

New treatment options for metastatic renal cell carcinoma
Alejo Rodriguez-Vida, Thomas E. Hutson, Joaquim Bellmunt, et al.

Final results of the large-scale multinational trial PROFILE 1005: efficacy and safety of crizotinib in previously treated patients with advanced/metastatic ALK-positive non-small-cell lung cancer
Fiona Blackhall, D. Ross Camidge, Alice T. Shaw, et al.

Multicentre phase II study of nivolumab in Japanese patients with advanced or recurrent non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer
Makoto Nishio, Toyoaki Hida, Shinji Atagi, et al.

Biology of premature ageing in survivors of cancer
Margaret C. Cupit-Link, James L. Kirkland, Kirsten K. Ness, et al.

Tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes are correlated with higher expression levels of PD-1 and PD-L1 in early breast cancer
Atsuko Kitano, Makiko Ono, Masayuki Yoshida, et al.

Detailed statistical assessment of the characteristics of the ESMO Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale (ESMO-MCBS) threshold rules
Urania Dafni, Dimitris Karlis, Xanthi Pedeli, et al.

Results of the safety run-in part of the METAL (METformin in Advanced Lung cancer) study: a multicentre, open-label phase I-II study of metformin with erlotinib in second-line therapy of patients with stage IV non-small-cell lung cancer
Floriana Morgillo, Morena Fasano, Carminia Maria Della Corte, et al.